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  • Just squeeze the rings together and the end of the ring lifts up
  • FREEKey System
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This product is proudly made in the United States of America.

About our FREEKey System

Designed in Sweden and manufactured in the USA from high-grade stainless steel, FREEKey rings eliminate the always challenging operation of a traditional key ring by opening with the simple press of the ring. Featuring a brilliant and simple design FREEKey rings achieve enhanced ease of operation by introducing a strategically placed bump in one of the ring loops - essentially creating a pivot that allows the end of the ring to lift when the ring is pressed.

FREEKey system includes three small group rings for organizing keys. The group rings are smart rings that organize your keys in easy to identify groups that can be conveniently removed and returned to the master ring with the press of the ring.




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FreeKey Key Ring = simplest keyring ever (03:02)
Buy here: Please subscribe to our channel: Hundreds more curiously awesome products at: ******************* The FreeKey is the world's most perfect key ring. You can attach and remove keys almost effortlessly. By simply squeezing the FreeKey logo, the end of the ring lifts itself above the rest of the loop. This action provides ample space to slip a key on or off, without tearing at your fingernails. The FreeKey's stainless steel construction ensures long life, and its double-loop design prevents keys from accidentally falling off. The FreeKey is made in the USA. ******************* Make sure to check out Kyle "Epic" Mendoza's channel! He did all of the awesome stunts in this video.
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