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  • Plastic capped Titanium water bottle with blasted finish and blasted brand.
  • Titanium water bottle with mirror logo on left and blasted logo on right.
Not Available
Product discontinued. No longer available.

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This product is proudly made in the United States of America.

About our TiBottle - Plastic Cap


Titanium is non-toxic, non-reactive and bio-compatible making it the best choice for a drinking vessel.  Our Titanium bottle is pure grade II Titanium with no coatings or BPA.  Because of its purity, the tiBOTTLE makes it easy and safe to boil and purify water.


Titanium isn't flexible.  As a matter of fact it has one of the best strength to weight ratios.  However, the tiBOTTLE is flexible in its use.  At 2.8" in diamter, the tiBOTTLE fits into most cup holders and daypack side pockets.  Use it to hold drinking water or to boil water in the field.  Unlike a water bladder, it is not puncturable so it'll be full when you're thirsty.


To use the tiBOTTLE for heating water, select a camping stove that supports small diameter pots.  The support tines should form an inner support surface of 2" in diameter or less.


  • 100% pure grade II Titanium
  • BPA free plastic cap
  • No metallic taste imparted in drinking liquids
  • Extremely lightweight yet durable
  • Can be used to boil water
  • No coatings inside or outside the bottle.
  • Sand-blasted satin finish
  • Carry loop in cap
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Product Reviews

  1. (Not a Owner) 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 27th Feb 2013

    I do not own this product but I must say I agree with everything Hubbard has said regarding mouth size, a shorter height and more volume. I would definitely buy this product if they released a next gen version titanium lid with these changes.

  2. This is a definite product advance for its class. 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 5th Sep 2012

    A superior product, and I have no thought of having any regrets, ever. I also own the bottle with TI cap (too soon unavailable) and prefer that one for the obvious reason, but also, importantly, because it is shorter in height to fit in a butt pack.

    If this product evolves to something with a wide mouth, perhaps a bit more volume, and a shorter height, it would be unique in its class for the outdoor gear bag. That said, the slim taller height seems very right for a woman's urban bag.

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